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Stephen Loney, Jr.
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"Since joining the firm … I have gotten the kind of active, out-front litigation experience that I might expect at a small litigation boutique but would never expect from a global firm of this size."

- Stephen Loney, Jr., Counsel, Philadelphia


My work includes a broad range of commercial litigation matters for a wide variety of clients. My main area of focus is healthcare litigation, working on both civil and white collar defense for clients in the life sciences industries. This work has included civil defense in mass tort class actions, representing a pharmaceutical company in an off-label marketing investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, and working as an active member of a trial team defending a pharmaceutical company in a five-week civil jury trial against the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

A friend and colleague joined Hogan Lovells' Philadelphia office and informed me of an opening for a litigation associate. She was really enjoying her experience, and joining Hogan Lovells' Litigation practice in the Philadelphia office would present me with opportunities to work on more diverse matters and expand my skill set as a litigator, while working on the most complex of issues. My hope was that by joining a smaller office of a prominent firm, I would work on smaller teams and be given greater responsibility than might normally be expected for a junior or mid-level associate at a big firm. My experience in that respect has exceeded my expectations.

Since joining the firm as a junior associate, I have gotten the kind of active, out-front litigation experience that I might expect at a small litigation boutique but with the backing and resources of a global firm. Because of the firm's reputation, I have gotten experience in cases where the subject matter is more complex than what I would expect at a true "boutique" firm. I do not think I would have gotten such a variety of work at another firm of a similar size.


Our team of litigators in Philadelphia consists of a partner in the White Collar Litigation group, a partner in the Commercial Litigation group, and a few associates and counsels including me. We often work with larger teams in other offices, particularly the White Collar teams in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and the insurance litigators in Washington, D.C.

I also have had a great experience working with a group of litigators from the New York office on a five-week jury trial in rural Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Attorney General filed a civil suit against a client of the New York office, a pharmaceutical company, in Pennsylvania state court, and I was staffed to the case as Pennsylvania counsel. I worked closely with a team of seasoned litigators from the New York office for almost two years leading up to trial, and I accompanied the client and the team to Easton, PA, for the jury trial. The collaboration was successful, as we obtained a favorable jury verdict for the client.

My normal responsibilities include development of litigation strategies in meetings and conferences with clients and supervising partners. I also do a lot of research and writing on complex legal issues, both in the form of internal strategy memoranda and substantive motions to state and federal courts. When my cases are in discovery, I negotiate with opposing counsel, draft discovery requests and responses, and work with clients to collect information and conduct factual interviews. In more document-intensive cases, I oversee the collection, management, and review of clients’ documents and electronically stored information, often working with outside data vendors and the clients' internal IT staff. I also prepare for and conduct depositions and appear for court conferences, hearings, and oral arguments.


It has been a pleasure to work with the people at this firm and the atmosphere is very friendly. My colleagues and supervising partners are able to perform at a high level (often under pressure) while still maintaining collegiality.

The two litigation partners in the Philadelphia office are terrific. In addition to having a close working relationship, they have made a point to be mentors by making sure that I am getting experience that helps me develop as a litigator and as a lawyer at Hogan Lovells.

Pro bono

I am always impressed by the amount of resources Hogan Lovells dedicates to having a fully functional pro bono practice group. As a firm, we are as committed to our pro bono matters as we are to all other types of matters. The quality of the pro bono work available at Hogan Lovells has given me some extraordinary experiences, including an oral argument on a highly publicized case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Word to the wise

Be ready to be challenged and to do good work for good people. You will work on the most complex legal issues, and there are opportunities here to step up and develop as a quality lawyer.