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Defendeifer, Linda
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“It can be challenging to foster camaraderie in a large organization, but Hogan Lovells does a very good job of it.”

- Linda Defendeifer, Research Analyst, Washington, D.C.

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

I joined Hogan Lovells to do what I wanted to do: research full time with an organization that has made considerable investment year to year in identifying and accessing the best research tools to support client service. I could tell from my first day that an unspoken standard of conduct prevailed here: everyone is treated with respect. I continually find this to be true.

Research staff shares a unique and challenging role in client support because we seldom work with clients directly. We work with the lawyers to make sure we understand clients’ needs in performing research for them. Our work encompasses requests from both lawyers for client work and the marketing department for outreach initiatives. I believe that the excellence of our research not only directly affects our likelihood of winning return work from current clients, but also helps gain the attention of potential new clients.


It can be challenging to foster camaraderie in a large organization, but Hogan Lovells does a very good job of it. The firm keeps us apprised of efforts and accomplishments throughout our offices via various internal platforms, including frequent news bulletins and a regularly updated intranet homepage. Hogan Lovells personnel at all levels also work with colleagues in other offices in charitable fundraising and service projects, which is a great way to get to know and keep in touch with colleagues around the world.

In my own department, we can easily connect with our counterparts on the London Information Resource Center (IRC) team via video conference, and each of us has a “buddy” on that staff. My department also has worked with IT to provide Yammer access firmwide, creating a safe and secure social network within the firm.


I will never forget the kindness and care offered by everyone from the Human Resources staff to lawyers and my colleagues in the IRC during a prolonged and difficult course of medical treatment. People I had not really known previously went out of their way to help me.

Also, recently I was approaching an internal door in the office with my hands full when someone about to board the elevator changed course, buzzed me through the security sensor, and opened the door for me. Little things like this on a day-to-day basis make this workplace special.