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Hogan Lovells U.S. Careers

David Skaar
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with growing responsibility.

“I believe that the amount of responsibility I was given at such an early stage of my career is fairly unique.”

- David Skaar, Senior Associate, Los Angeles


I represent mortgage lenders in foreclosure-related matters and chemical companies facing toxic tort claims. I also do a considerable amount of work with our Automotive group’s franchise practice.

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

I chose Hogan Lovells for the high-profile work, and the opportunity to work with brilliant lawyers at the highest level of the profession, who are also genuinely friendly and thoughtful.


I believe that the amount of responsibility I was given at such an early stage of my career is fairly unique. I handled a lot of the research and drafting on my cases. For example, when I get a new foreclosure matter, I usually take the lead drafting our response to the complaint, or opposing a motion for preliminary injunction. I draft discovery requests and responses. I deal with the court and their clerks to make sure we are following their procedures correctly. I coordinate with the client on pleading and discovery matters. And I often need to work with opposing counsel to resolve issues as they arise. When necessary, I go to court and argue our motions and attend other conferences.

On my toxic tort matters, I have been handling the day-to-day activities on the cases, taking depositions, working with medical experts, and coordinating with the client on discovery matters.


I work closely with a partner in the Los Angeles office who has been actively involved in getting me meaningful and challenging experience and making sure that I am developing professionally. He is very generous in sharing his experience and offering helpful advice, both professionally and personally. Although he is not my firm-assigned “mentor,” he has been integral to my development thus far.

Recently, I also did some work with a partner in our Houston office. He always took the time to provide constructive feedback and suggestions on my work. His positive attitude and feedback made me want to do a good job for him, and it made me feel good about my work.

The L.A. office has a very family-friendly vibe. All of the partners have children of various ages, and they understand when you have to attend to personal matters outside of the office. As long as you are doing high-quality work, people are more than willing to be flexible when it comes to scheduling time away from the office. Our office even has a “happiness committee” with a small budget to occasionally host events where we provide cupcakes or play games over lunch.

Pro bono

During my first year, I worked on a case where we were trying to help an individual to obtain asylum in the United States, based on the fact that he faced bodily harm or death, as a result of his political beliefs, if he returned to his native country. We were successful in overturning an initial ruling that was adverse to our client. He was granted asylum and he was able to stay in the U.S. to pursue his education. He was so appreciative of our efforts, and he continues to keep in touch with us to let us know of his progress. What a unique opportunity to really make a difference in a person’s life!