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Hogan Lovells U.S. Careers

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"The collegial atmosphere really set Hogan Lovells apart from the other firms I interviewed with."

- Christopher Pickens, Partner, Northern Virginia


My practice focuses on complex commercial litigation.

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

I interviewed with the firm while I was in law school and was impressed with the people I met during the process — they went out of their way to introduce me to the firm and demonstrate that I would be comfortable here. The collegial atmosphere really set Hogan Lovells apart from the other firms I interviewed with.

When I selected Hogan Lovells, I knew that I would get an opportunity to work on first-rate, sophisticated cases, and my experience has been consistent with that expectation. What has exceeded my expectations are the people I get to work with every day. My colleagues have been fantastic, not just good lawyers but great people who are enjoyable to work with.


I generally manage the day-to-day activities on my cases. I can truly say I don't have a typical workday. Some days I'm meeting or speaking with clients, other days I’m writing briefs or taking depositions, and on other days we’re in court for hearings or trial. And some days are a little of each.

I’ve had a tremendous opportunity to get hands-on experience, even as a junior associate. We have a close-knit team: three partners and three associates. The lean structure gives all of the associates extensive partner interaction as well as an opportunity to take on as much responsibility as he or she is ready for. As a third-year associate, I was able to try a case with two partners, taking three witnesses during the week-long arbitration hearing. I've also had the opportunity to try three other cases in my time here, and I argued motions and took multiple witnesses in each case.


I have benefited from great mentoring relationships. Partners are very willing to provide feedback and other advice in real time, rather than just during formal reviews. This rapport helps make professional development continuous, which has been invaluable to my career. I have found generally that many of the partners here encourage associates to take on as much billable responsibility as they are ready for, which also goes a long way to stimulating professional development.

Word to the wise

Pay attention to the people you meet here and the experiences they describe. Many firms can claim a certain number of offices and lawyers, but what really sets Hogan Lovells apart is the people and the opportunities you have to get meaningful experience as soon as you're ready for it.