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Hogan Lovells U.S. Careers

Chris Donoho
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"Our team is dynamic and very business driven. We are really focused on our clients' needs and on giving practical business and legal advice."

- Christopher Donoho III, Partner, New York


I focus my practice on corporate debt restructuring, primarily on the creditor side — investors acquiring either debt or assets directly.

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

I chose Lovells because of its strong international Bankruptcy and Restructuring practice, and the quality of its people. I was part of the New York office of Lovells that moved into the offices of Hogan Lovells on the day of the combination.

I am a partner in the BRI practice area, which is Business Restructuring and Insolvency. We are part of the Finance practice, but in reality we crossover between Corporate and Finance. A typical workday is spent 50% on the phone with clients or colleagues, and the remaining 50% reviewing documents of greatly varying nature. It could be litigation documents, bankruptcy-specific documents, or corporate or loan documents.

The combined firm’s global reach is a fabulous asset, one as to which we have only just begun to scratch the surface. The firm’s potential is vast, and the opportunities enormous. But, there is a long way to go and a lot of hard work to get there.


Our team is dynamic and very business driven. We are really focused on our clients' needs and on giving practical business and legal advice.

The biggest difference from my peers' experience at other firms is the number of business opportunities from our partners in the various offices. I could spend all of my business development time just working introductions internally and have that be time well spent.


Traditional domestic work, combined with the international work, makes the work we do taken as a whole somewhat unique to the industry.

Working with our Denver office, I’ve gotten to connect with several private equity clients that would not have been available to me otherwise -- a real team effort.

Our developing relationship with Walmart really stands out. As two separate firms, we each had opportunities to work with global clients like Walmart, but after the combination, they came straight to us to see how we might be able to work together given our shared vision of a global footprint.

I think the intense client relationships that date back to when the offices were smaller or unaffiliated that have survived into the new firm environment have very personal relationships at their core, but with services that now span both the range of our services and the globe.

Word to the wise

Meet with or speak to people you will work with from the various offices to see how well they work together. That will be a key to your success.