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Hogan Lovells U.S. Careers

Ben Fleming
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working on meaningful assignments.

“Practically from day one, we were dropped right into the middle of ongoing cases and given relevant, timely assignments.”

- Ben Fleming, Senior Associate, New York

Getting to know Hogan Lovells

After my first year of law school, I spent the summer as an intern for a nonprofit organization that was very involved in media law. They followed developments in the field very closely, and over the years they had both met a great number of lawyers in the area and become quite familiar with various firms' bodies of work. As the summer was winding down and I was beginning to prepare for on-campus interviews, I asked for thoughts about what firms I should target. Everyone at the organization was pretty unequivocal — Hogan Lovells should be at the top of my list. I did some looking of my own and it turned out they were absolutely right.

Before I started, past summer associates told me that the summer work would be real, it would be substantive, and we would contribute to ongoing matters. That's not how it works everywhere, and I wasn't entirely convinced that it would come to pass. But sure enough, practically from day one, we were dropped right into the middle of ongoing cases and given relevant, timely assignments. When we needed a little help getting up to speed in a particular area or asked for background on the matters we worked on, both partners and associates were invariably ready to sit down and work with us until we were ready to go. As the summer continued, we were able to focus more on the practice areas that interested us the most. I can't imagine a better arrangement for brand new summer associates than one that keeps you engaged with real work and also accommodates your personal goals.


Many of the projects I worked on while I was a summer associate involved research and writing. I also had the opportunity to sit in with other lawyers to see something new, whether it was a motion being argued in court or the closing of a deal. Midway through my summer, a partner asked if I'd like to sit in on a mediation session with our clients via a conference call. I did and it was a great experience. One morning later that week, I got a call from another associate. He told me that the partner had suggested that I give a quick presentation on the mediation at the litigation practice group lunch that was scheduled for later that day. It ended up being one of the most satisfying events of my summer.

Midway through my summer at the firm, a partner put me on a assignment that came from a foreign client. The client was interested in obtaining a U.S. version of a document they used in their home office. After taking a look, it became clear that the law here was sufficiently different and that the client really needed a different thing altogether. Working with another partner out of the San Francisco office, we put together a package that explained the need for the change and pitched it to the overseas client, along with lawyers from our London office. The client agreed, and before long, I was working on the new project alongside lawyers from both offices. This was nothing new to the other lawyers and they helped show me how seamless and effective that type of collaboration can be.


Almost immediately after I turned on the lights in my office on my first day at Hogan Lovells, lawyers in the surrounding offices began stopping by to introduce themselves. The warmth and friendliness of these visits provided a great start to the summer. Even better, the neighbors continued to pop in throughout my time at the firm, asking me about new projects and the summer's progress. Their welcoming approach is a big reason why I looked forward to returning to the firm.