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Read the answers to these frequently asked questions to learn more about life at Hogan Lovells.

What are Hogan Lovells’ summer program hiring criteria?

The application process for our summer program is very competitive, and we select participants each year from among many highly qualified candidates. Although we apply no formulas in our selection process, superior academic credentials, particularly with respect to law school grades and class rank, and excellent written and oral communication skills are required. We also look for other indicators of likely success at Hogan Lovells, such as work experience, demonstrated leadership skills, motivation, good judgment, the ability to work well with others, and an interest in community involvement.

How do I apply for a summer associate position?

Most Hogan Lovells U.S. offices conduct summer programs (with the exception of Colorado Springs and Louisville). We collectively conduct initial interviews at more than 30 law school campuses. Second year law students from U.S. accredited law schools we do not visit may apply by providing a resume, current law school transcript, and a brief letter explaining your interest in Hogan Lovells. Please click here to access the list of contacts (PDF).

In mid-December each of our U.S. offices determine whether it will hire first year law students for the coming summer program. For Hogan Lovells offices that decide to hire first year law students, interested candidates may apply following the same process as second year law students.

Following on-campus interviews, what is the process for arranging call-back interviews?

Students who are invited to Hogan Lovells offices for additional interviews can expect to be notified by a call from the campus interviewer within a few days of their on-campus visit. Candidates who are not selected for additional interviews are notified by email shortly thereafter.

Students will arrange call-back interviews with individual offices. If travel is required, the firm will pay for coach airfare or train travel and one night’s stay in a hotel near our office. For more details, please see our law student travel policy (PDF).

What can I expect during the call-back interview?

Typically candidates who are invited for call-back interviews will spend a half day visiting our offices and meeting with a variety lawyers, including partners, counsel, and associates, including members of our recruitment committee. Students are encouraged to identify any specific areas of interest in advance so that interviews may be tailored to their interests.

Most offices have weekly recruitment committee meetings to consider candidates who visit the office for call-back interviews. We make our best effort to inform students of our offer decision as soon as possible following their in-office interviews. Consistent with NALP Timing Guidelines, students will have 28 days following the date on our offer letter to decide whether to accept an offer for summer employment.

Do you allow “splitting” during the summer program?

Many of our offices do not allow split summers. In offices where splits are allowed, summer associates must be with the firm for a minimum of seven weeks at the beginning of the summer program. Please inquire with the office to which you are applying regarding its policy.

What is the typical duration of the summer program?

Each office establishes the dates for its program, but typically our programs last for approximately 10 weeks starting in mid- to late-May and lasting through July.

What kind of training can I expect to receive as a summer associate?

Hogan Lovells puts a great deal of emphasis on training and helping students transition quickly and successfully from law student to professional. Some of the most valuable training opportunities involve working closely on client matters with partners and associates. In addition, there are regular training sessions designed specifically for summer associates that cover topics such as  deposition taking, negotiation, drafting, and legal writing skills. Summer associates also have the opportunity to participate in training provided by the Hogan Lovells Winthrop Academy; observe hearings, meetings, and negotiating sessions; and attend practice area meetings and other firm events. Each year all U.S. summer associates attend a retreat in Washington, D.C. where they meet their colleagues from other offices and learn from Hogan Lovells leaders about our vision and values, practice areas, financial information, and strategic plans for the future.

Will I have the opportunity to work on pro bono matters as a summer associate?

Yes! All summer associates are encouraged to complete at least one pro bono project and may well participate in more. Working on pro bono matters provides an excellent way for students to have direct client contact and learn valuable legal skills while providing a needed service to the local community.

Winner of the 2014 American Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award for Citizenship, our pro bono practice draws on the experience of our professionals worldwide to improve the lives of those without access to justice or the means to hire lawyers, and to meet the legal needs of charities and nonprofit social enterprises. Providing high-quality legal services to those most in need and least able to pay is an integral part of being a lawyer. At Hogan Lovells we take that responsibility seriously. Read more about our pioneering pro bono practice.

What are Hogan Lovells’ diversity initiatives?

Our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive place to work is at the core of our vision and our values. The firm supports a variety of initiatives that are responsive to the diverse communities in which we live and work. At Hogan Lovells, we ensure our workplace policies and processes are inclusive and designed to promote a high-performance culture that values individual contribution, teamwork, innovation, and productivity. Examples of our diversity initiatives include: women’s initiatives, Affinity Networks, mentoring and professional development, diversity programming, engaging with clients on diversity and inclusion initiatives, and widening access/pipeline initiatives. Read more about our diversity initiatives.

What are some examples of the ways that Hogan Lovells supports flexible work arrangements for its lawyers?

Hogan Lovells aims to be a leader in making alternative work arrangements available to its lawyers. Because our strength is derived from our diverse, experienced, and talented lawyers, we have supported flex-time and reduced-hours arrangements for many years and have sought to provide the flexibility needed to enable our lawyers to manage work and non-work demands in a variety of ways. Firm management considers its policies regarding flex-time and reduced-hours arrangements to be a key part of recruiting and retaining the best lawyers. Flex-time, reduced-hours, and telecommuting arrangements are available to associates, counsel, and partners on individualized bases. We recognize that a range of personal circumstances require our lawyers to have flexibility in their work schedules, consistent with client needs, including child care, family needs, and other personal reasons. We have received the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s Flex Success Award three times in recent years (2011, 2013 and 2015) for our strong record of supporting and advancing lawyers with reduced-hours and other flexible arrangements. Hogan Lovells US LLP provides a tax “gross up” for employees who are taxed on the value of eligible health insurance benefits (medical, dental, and vision) as result of covering their same-sex spouses or same-sex domestic partners under the Hogan Lovells US LLP health and welfare plans. Read more about diversity at Hogan Lovells.

If I am interested in an associate position with the firm, how do I apply?

While most of our entry-level positions are filled by former Hogan Lovells summer associates, each office may have additional hiring needs. To apply for an associate position, please provide your resume, law school transcript, and expression of interest to the contact for the office in which you are interested. Please click here to access the list of contacts (PDF).

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